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By S. Francis & Co. 



Whig Candidates for Congress 

o. h. browning. 

c¥kus d walker. 


"Thcliijh PiMSMiicjiiiiir 

■lames ItiKliuu.iii. 

The Suite Iicgiisl,., has been un-paring 
Hsilcmiucat.onsof the Whig Congress f, 
-<,h,n s the last Tariff. It has denou 

Wo have asserted, and proved lime and 
gain, that the tariff policy for the proteclii 
of the laboring interests of the country, ai 
for securing our National Inde|,oiiJciic...» 

inu im— iiiizv,,,.,, ,,| ,. ur ,,,■,..,:,; ,,,,, ,■„,„, ,, 
Nullifier of South Carolina, and his adher- 

true— without bringing 

letter from James Buchanan, one of its 
riidaies for ihc Prcs.-Jcri. y, giving tiie i: 

Sprinsficld, Illinois, May 30, 1843. 

In. nit lo (he Hi tin. iv of llai'- 

II ,'.| 'l.l-'. ll'lilV l'l I..N IS 

i 11 'i.r M- i s- ipy ■■,'„ -,'- 

iced "tar uVlrines of the democratic 
i," for tlie purpose of following the 
s and vagaries of the South Carolina 
sr, who, to secure anticipated advan- 

denondont on Great Britain fo 

SII/././l,. .1/ 1/lrM. ill-lil/.'S "J S,.MIII.'"l,-.'..|,-t' 

•eittial lo the I\'<itimuil /a/- s i n int, 
,afel s felfee of »r.» 

u-ts lo Lhe freoitnporialiim cf Bri'.i.-h mmi- 
actures and British products. Well, now 

■on trade principle. 

ho Otlowa paper, doled at Now Yorl: 
Mth of April, containing llio follow inp 

Tho following is a copy ( 

> the memory of tlio dond 
ih indignation by every Li 
and especially by over) 

rlesios which ara duo to public mor 
rofpoct lo party, and whoso hone 
racier arc inde nt i hod with that i 

: p-i'.Ik- landg. What subs 
i thore bo given by our Sta 
liy all oursharo of" tho public lands 

be used to pay off our State de 
a bring a return ol State prospe 
mi fmm Slate debt— freedom frc 

taxation— a restoration of State 
restoration orStale characli 
ir 2 Time and again every public 
is Slate lias sanctioned this policy 


lifier's State Register- Tho editors or that 
paper would greatly prefer that this cloth 

lavebeen bought by our merchants in 
England for ihe China trado, or that tho teas 

tliey are designed lo purchase, should 
ho paid for by specie shipped from thia conn- 

Tlit/ l_ T . Slat L^ohlniiKd a judgmental ihc 

.e term of the U. S. Court in the city of 

tfew York, for 5220,837 85 conle, against 

Hoyt, one of Mr. Van Buron's default- was found thai 
ad he been re-elect- 
if the people over 

That i 


The duties colloTled in liurope on A 
can tobacco, for -12, wc-rc ttiir\ii-jt\-e milli-m, 
of dollars — equal to tlio avorago cost of; 

l-nti.;;' "'ir.V.-.n V- iron's -id -..nimii i 

in mod In- liif iat whig Cinpir^loi- tl,o 
;■■■; i y | il„- rmvrrhii.i'ht li-i :ho rurrenl y 

:o papers aro ai.onng with l; r o -■ t uidusiri 
10 piovo tliat tho success of iboir part; 
Now York City K-ccimn, iwi, not iJk 

individuals among portion of our popula- 
(KrTho Register denounc 

pockets of British capitalists. 
llrcisior is honest. Repudiatic 

inl-i <>{ llnnsli capi'ali-U ! And yet t hi 
mo Brgister npproves of tho -.cndn.;; o 
Messrs. Oakley and Ryan lo mako furthe 
onlia-H will. 'British capilulisis,' liy whic 
hoy nro to receive tho public revenues ! - 
\\ hut an Iwicsl organ of communication 
he people ii under Ike control ol'o'.ir IC.s^ 

(KrTho specio continued to flow inio ll 

somo relief lo tlie Register lo learn, llmt it i: 
supposed a cbango of iho current will snoi 

wines, brandies and silks. 

0^7-Sevcral flllO MOO.S ofsprin;; ^.ii.ils :i|i 

now opening in this city. Sco advertise 
ments in tlio Journal. The atnplo arlicles of 

faciurc. Fine American calicoes con bi 

pinTliaied a i .'."i coi)i»a y.iid.mid ks>, »biel 

iouii, ono of your candidates for Prcs- 
lid that your "parly was held (ogelkei 
zo-htsite power of public plunder.* 

War among the Locos ! 

It is well understood lhal Mr. Cal 

lal Districts. Mr. 
!s eive as their fcb 

n li.iriic I,;,,- !;,,■ I'iv-i,;. iw\ - 

' this melee, Mr. Kn.:imi 
10 Lr^i-dahiro of Pennsyl 

i; - l'.v-"-|-!.'iy 
..■ am!^H. 
. Mr- Van Uui 

hat lie will bo dofcaloo in tlic Ma; 
ion. I.i another article the Modwo 
nunonds pood democrats to 

ntulidatrs for liu: Tiuaidenry asid 

iXtch% tlL IV^nmuimStaLiw^S^i] Map ' 6 Su S nr is Belll ' n g j » ^ P'"° at 10 

^lo^.'ilKNIfVIV.lY'^ilH. I'i'.Hr'ic 

if assumption, bulsimply on nppropria 

9, to pay tho State debts — tho gonorc 

jisposingof tho lands for ilio bonefi 

this is not done, either by Mr. Clay' 
I Land Bill, or by llto plan of Mr. Jolinsar 
wo bog U> know how tho Stnte debts nro t> 
| bo paid. Tho proceedings 

■Le e i S 

<y Mr. Calhoun and 
r published in 'Ihn ti 
i Mr. Calhoun shows 

eld a mctlins.wl.i 

Noiiiiiiiiliuii fur Inimios. 

3 do it? Is n't that Ilogisler cd- 

Tho whig Tariff. 

-.. -.rV supply of bro'id eUhs. It would be 
1ml policy ftliogotlifr wliilc lijliiin? .l-linnj 
Ruii to be dependent on him for cloths to 
cover tho nakedness of the people. Don't 

TiiO lii'yisii'i'Vrnrns;: I-mt l..i* c \ 

?d gmat pk-asurc llint our specie is sent to 
New York for tho purchase of Mais and 
Shoes, and oihor articli 1 *. instmd of kcpuijj 

* people. Tlio editors prefer that tho hats 
. '. shoes and clothing worn hero, should bo pur- 

hdolphia Sentinel, (a Bu 

The old adago, that "token round fn 
mest men get their rights,- will r< 
i lira confirmation at tlio next Prcsid 

wii» C.nifi- 

Congreesional Dislriel. NcvljIIio;.->s < 

„f the two Con, 

Of the 5th Congressional Dtth 

of t!iis su V< i. In n Im'.l- c.|;i ( ir:nl iidtl 
lifiL; coiiiin-.iii'.trittin, t'l-it paper undcrluki ormr ili v, nli <( ■• p.:r>;>lc should ci 

■ n^r nniircly i" iho p-r>..v of o'.licr mlion: 
Our loud and iron and copper or<\ stioul 


voi. On Iho l' 

'■■'■"■. ":■'".! „",' 

.'.I •i,'.':''".'.Vi;l." 

btr. The trply ,i»r. 

Retained, Thoi ihcy will in il 

111 I.I.I I ILl.r. Ill \|..l :'■ 

■ III' li III ] t '!• k^ill'l- ,.!. il.r.-J ,n.,| nMmrlril | |'^.',' 

iiimci.hJ Fen 
Mr. .-..kM,' 

iQlion. H.d (ho R-. 

u,, j «« 

Journal i'.xli 

t, The back numbers can be bad.